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Virtual Colonography at Life Imaging Fla

Virtual Colonography

Say Goodbye to Sedation with a Comfortable, Efficient Screening

Virtual colonography, offered by Life Imaging Fla, is a non-invasive, quick, and comfortable alternative to traditional colonoscopy. This advanced CT imaging technique allows for detailed views of the colon without the need for sedation, meaning you can drive yourself to and from the procedure and resume your daily activities immediately.


Benefits of Choosing Virtual Colonography:

  • No Sedation Needed: Enjoy a procedure free from the risks and downtime associated with anesthesia.
  • Quick Procedure: The screening takes only about 10-15 minutes.
  • Immediate Resumption of Activities: With no recovery time required, it’s ideal for those with busy schedules.

For a safe, efficient, and comfortable screening experience, choose virtual colonography at Life Imaging Fla. Visit to learn more or to schedule your appointment today. Embrace a hassle-free approach to colorectal screening.

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